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If your enquiry is regarding a wedding, please be sure to include relevant details. In particular, I will need to know your wedding DATE and LOCATION.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Can you photograph my wedding?

Yes! I find weddings exciting and beautiful to photograph. I like to bring a second photographer along for weddings as I feel it provides a a valuable perspective and set of eyes to your wedding day.

Humans have a deep connection with one another, making your wedding a very important life event. Please contact me if you require a wedding photographer and we can discuss details.

You can also view my weddings page HERE

Q:   Can you take photos for my event or activity?

Yes, I am happy to do so for $200 per hour - I am willing to tailor a package to suit your needs. As I have regular work outside photography, please note that my availability will depend on my personal schedule. Please get in touch for a written quote.

Not for money? Please contact me with further details and I'm sure we can negotiate something if it's for a reasonable cause.

Q:   How long have you been doing this?

I've been messing around with cameras since I was about 10. As a kid, I'd go through many a NG magazine without reading a word. I think there's just something about visual imagery that makes me tick. Since then, I dabbled on and off until 2011 when I figured I might as well grab an ABN. Now, I still love photos, and enjoy watching things progress.

Equipmentwise, I generally stick with the full frame Nikon D800 and D600 models with a variety of lenses for weddings. For personal use, family, holiday shooting, and landscape work I often use my older Olympus E3. Until I was seventeen, I used an old 35mm film SLR and have recently purchased a 2nd hand Nikon FE.

Q:   Has that been photoshopped?

Long answer - this is called post-processing. Most digital cameras produce a pre-processed file after shooting. I shoot using RAW as do many other photographers. This means every photo needs to be run through editing software such as Adobe Photoshop in order to produce the final product. Each photograph requires its own level of post-processing. I prefer to keep post-production to a minimum if possible.

Short answer - Yes, probably.

Q:   What camera should I buy?

Long answer - there are many cameras on the market these days that are a great deal better than what I use. The first factor you must consider is the purpose for which you wish to be using your camera.

In my opinion, the in-built cameras in many phones produce quality high enough for most requirements. Julian Calverley published the beautiful iPhone Only book, although he regularly works with high-end [Alpa] large format digital cameras worth many thousands of dollars.

Short answer - Yes, buy a camera.

Q:   Can I get a digital copy of your landscapes to print at Officeworks?

Long answer - I reserve all rights for all my photos. Engaging in the printing process without consent is a breach of copyright. I currently outsource printing tasks to an external service provider.

This means I retain more control over the final product. All my photographic work is printed using archival quality paper and inks. This ensures prints are highly resistent to fading and other degenerative processes.

Short answer - No

Q:   What's the difference between your limited and open edition prints?

Most images on the website I consider to be "open edition", meaning I have not limited the number of prints I may produce. Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Abstract images are open edition and only available as print purchases (i.e. not available in digital format). Stock photos, however, are open edition and also available for limited use in digital format - go to DIGITAL LICENSING

I have chosen certain images to be "limited edition" prints based on the special connection they have with my photographic journey. These images will only be released as archival metallic prints, will not be released digitally, and will be capped at the given number of prints. These images also have a minimum print size maintaining the high quality of these images. Because of these factors, Limited Edition prints will forever remain a unique work for your art space and hold greater value for your collection.

I hope this helps. If not, please make contact using the details given above.

All the best,