Sturt Jasher Photography

Cancer: January 11th, 2020 6PM

Is now part of ... THE PERTH MOON FESTIVAL

VENUE: Bayside Kitchen, Crawley WA

March, 2019 update: Yass! Lots has been happening and we're excited to say that The Perth Moon Festival has been officially launched this year!!

Time be tickin away quick as, so it's still never too early to get on board. Remember to keep inviting your friends and family. Whilst entry to the outdoor photographic exhibition will remain free, please make sure you jump on over and grab tickets for entry to the festival.

If you're intrigued regarding what exactly this festival entails, stay tuned and click over to The Perth Moon Festival Facebook page or the WEBSITE for further details.

Have a gander below at some images likely to be exhibited!!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

This exhibit will be part of The Perth Moon Festival and is set to display 12 photos of Earth's very own moon. The next occurrence of a full moon in Cancer is 11th of Jan, 2020 rising just after 8PM - hence, the date and time of the opening night.

Keep an eye on this space and The Perth Moon Festival facebook page for updates on the progress of this event.

Large, framed prints will be available for pre-sale in the time leading up to this event.

More details to come. Watch. This. Space.

Past Exhibitions

Fidel's Cafe

October, 2011
Fremantle, WA


March, 2014
York, WA