Will you?

I do

me:     so, you're getting married then?

you:    yep, how'd you know?

me:     dunno, just guessed really I suppose

you:    can you bring your camera and take some photos for us?

me:     ok, but we havn't really talked yet so LeT's CHaT

         or look at THESE WEDDINGS first...

Until death

Do part


Now that you've had a quick look at some of my work, you've made a start. Superb! Having a set of decent photos from your wedding day is an excellent investment and one that you will not regret.

Thanks for considering having me tag along on your special day (because let's face it, I'm pretty much gonna be third-wheeling for a bit there). Let's meet up in person, grab a coffee together somewhere and LeT's CHaT

Until then, have a gander at some very brief descriptions of the packages I usually offer. Click on the links below to display.